Friday, January 4, 2008

The Solution to Illegal Aliens

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." - Thomas Jefferson

You know, it's possible that these illegals, have a point. Please don't let a lightning bolt strike me dead through the contact of my keyboard -Let's attack this topic as logically as my open mind can take. 

If illegals are legal, then as citizens they would demand legals rights, to go with their welfare, free health care and free public education and  get minimum wage. But, by getting minimum wage and such, it then makes their cheap labor not so cheap and they have then just screwed the pooch - or eaten it. Making their claim that they do the cheapest work obsolete. Is this not a realization to them yet?

I was once told by a Cuban-American friend (note the hyphen and the implications) that the Mexican illegals are of a different status. The Cubans that come to America are usually educated and are able to contribute substantially to the American economy not to mention they are trying to escape dictatorship. While most of the Mexicans that cross the borders are not the doctors and lawyers of Mexico but the mountain folk; the poor, mostly uneducated people. The doctors and lawyers of Mexico are still in Mexico and not in America. This should tell all Americans something. Mexico could be better if her people were not abandoning her.

How about this solution. As back in the day it worked, we'll only sculpt it to make a better solution and more humane to boot. 

Back in the day, before Mexican labor was sought after, Americans hired the Chinese and the Japanese to come and work cheap. Then of-course they moved into hiring Mexicans - and Mexicans did this for a bit, and then reworked their contract so that when they worked they got to bring their entire families over thereby sucking on the natural resources of the American people. Which then years and years later allowed for distant relatives to seek a path over the invisible border and find their own illegal paths in the US and multiply. Not to mention sending money back to Mexico for other family members. (Maybe the US should take a portion of that money like the Cuban policy that Castro has in place - whereupon the sender has to give a portion of the money they send home to family members to the Cuban government.)

Back on track - so the illegals need to be removed. Tell them so, they have out stayed their welcome - some have been here for years and never sought citizenship and a matter of fact they have been here for years and never bothered to learn the language. Enforce work sites that use farm laborers to adhere to government standards. Work Visas are required and routine checking on corporations to make sure all people are on the books would also be required. 

People who can not obtain citizenship need to go back to their mother country. Now, we all agree that illegals work very hard and do a good job, no one is disputing that. So between the US and Mexico there should be a labor agreement where upon Mexico can establish a business of laborers that will work for good Mexican wages (I'm not being slanderous - I'm talking pesos) so that labor workers will be hired out to come across the border with a time limited work visa issued by this Mexican establishment through the US to work. They will be payed very well as traveling people should be payed - and will be able to go back to their country and work on establishing a very good household in Mexico and work on improving the economy of Mexico. 

If they decide that they want to live in America, they should apply for citizenship, and here is the crucial part. Upon moving to America, once granted their Visa, they should set their sights on improving their standards. Basically, if you are going to be an American citizen then you should at least try to be the best that you can be and go beyond being the farm laborer. This will help people who are still in Mexico and working across the border to have jobs and encourage people who become citizens to better the American economy and leave grove picking behind.

Of course the Mexican nationales would have to do a head count when entering and leaving the States to make sure no one jumps ship. It would take a little thought to work out the loop holes but it could be a solid solution to problems troubling both countries. 

Who said the American dream is dead?

dash - American

"An association of men who will not quarrel with one another is a thing which has never yet existed, from the greatest confederacy of nations down to a town meeting or a vestry." - Thomas Jefferson 

One thing that has frequently caused me slight irritation is the hyphenated American. I really don't understand this need for excess definition on something that is quite visibly apparent. For starters this need to be called "African-American". This term derived from the long ago ancestry of people from Africa and who now reside in America. But these people have since resided in America for quite some time now - I believe generations of families  from Africa have been born in America making them American. 

It's very simple. If you were born in Africa and later switched nationalities and became a legal American citizen you would be African-American. The same as a person born in Germany, later to legally become an American citizen would be German-American. I, myself, am of German and Scottish ancestry, yet I do not present myself as a Scottish-German-American but simply as an American, being that I was born in America. I've never been to Germany, as many blacks have not been to Africa, yet they are "African-Americans". Yeah right. My fellow Americans, you do not want to go to Africa, as your pampered American ass would not survive the plight.

The same goes for Mexican-Americans, chicanos. If you were born in America -- - - - You are AMERICAN. Congratulations and welcome. If you are keen to be Mexican, perhaps you should broaden your horizon and extend yourself to the south and enjoy the dirtiness of Make-sick-o City - where people are suffocated in a deadened fog of decay.

This obsessiveness to define one's ancestry just seems like an excuse to throw around the "African" card. Then the whole Atlantic slave trade seems to follow. Mexicans have just stumbled upon the African hyphen train and decided to jump aboard believing that they are somehow apart of something bigger. Sorry to disappoint, but while my brethren of black Americans deserve an acknowledgment of atonement for past misdeeds - Mexicans deserve no such apology.

The moral of this post is this: If  you wish to be American, then be American. If you wish to be something else, then be something else - somewhere else. 

And if this is not sad enough, the hyphen has now extended to Britain where black Brits are now "African-British" - Bloody hell, what a crock of shit. Wouldn't it be simple if people would stop looking for handouts? Where are the Irish-Americans?? Why aren't they crying poor-mouth and such and throwing their tribulations into the faces of modern Americans? Because the Irish don't need to ask for anything - they'll get what they need themselves and pull themselves from the bottom of the slums by themselves. 


"A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit." - Thomas Jefferson

As Americans  are universally opposed  to all things that stand between them and their blighted futures, one would think that they would draw together and stand beside one another to create an equal world where they may not all agree but one where they would agree to disagree on certain matters that would ultimately affect their future as Americans and the future of the American Nation.

The matter which seems omnipresent is overpopulation and illegal immigration which has saturated our blessed country with would-be activists of hispanic origin who have gained access to this country through unscrupulous means and have demanded the rights of the average working class American - along with the right to complain about our government. 

As a working class American, let me be the first to tell you that I can talk shit about my country and you cannot  - by means that your life was not begotten in this land but into another. A land which you forsake for your own reasons.

America - the great melting pot of cultures - so described by Hector St. Jean de Crevecoeur - was never meant to be invaded by people who were not proud to proclaim themselves AMERICANS.

The main problem that I had with the hispanic protesters when they did their half-hearted protests was that they claimed to want the full rights of Americans, that we Americans could not survive without them, and that they were MEXICAN - the last bit is what was somewhat infuriating. Let them burn the American flag and wave the Mexicano flag - what exactly shall I interpret those actions as? That of traitorous infidels? Because that is what I believe. For if you were American and dared to burn our flag and flaunt another, you would be considered traitorous. Because surely as the flag stands for the sanctity of the union, the liberty of the free nation, the spilt blood of ideology, the loyalty to the country and the perseverance of the American people, the desecration of that flag would proclaim an attempt to overthrow our established government and its laws.

When they brandished their flags they were saying that they were Mexicans and proud to show their ancestry through their flags while saying that our flag, the one that represents the country that they want to live in, was inferior. As a matter a fact, it was possibly the stupidest thing I have ever had the misfortune to witness. Note to the not so wise - when seeking amnesty, you want to appease the people of which you seek finer things.